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Boom Boom Pow

One hour of high-intensity cardio kickboxing. Punch, jab, kick while listening to the musical stylings of DJ Ricki Leigh.

Be a bad-ass for an hour.

All levels welcome. Class approximately one hour in length. Boom Boom Pow is a full body cardio and strength training work out.

Booty & Abs

Not feeling bathing suit ready yet? Get your buns off the couch and feel the burn in Marisa's "Booty & Abs" class where she'll make sure to tighten and tone your tush while strengthening your core! Those flat abs you've always wanted for summer time are waiting for you!!

Advanced Step Jam

So you think you can step? For all you steppers out there sick of the slow eight-count, give Advanced Step Jam a try. Unique, fast-paced, intricate choreography created by long-time step fanatic, Marisa. Intense beats with all the latest jams spun live by DJ Ricki Leigh.

For advanced steppers, previous step experience strongly recommended. Class is one hour and fifteen minutes of sweat-drippin' and calorie-burnin'!

Cardio Striptease

Parental discretion advised! Get prepared to shake what your momma gave you. Embrace your inner stripper, and be the sexiest woman on the planet for an hour (sorry boys, you're not allowed to this one).

Guaranteed to get your temperature rising, sweat dripping, and booty grinding! And feel the groove while DJ Rick Leigh spins her jams (selected classes, check schedule).

Partner Workout

It takes two to tango!

Who’s up for a challenge? Grab a buddy _and experience what "Partner Workout" is all about! From partner push ups to partner squats, the boredom from your own workout is nothing but dust behind you.

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